Here’s our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At West Shore Beach Club, there may be some questions you may have regarding your purchase. We have compiled a quick Frequently Asked Questions that will help to answer any of your questions.

If there is something that is not covered, please feel free to contact us so that we can provide further information directly.

  • a 306’ wide private sandy beach
  • a 200’+ waist-shallow walkout into Lake Couchiching
  • a private clubhouse oasis, the Marine House, where owners can meet, lounge, hold get- togethers, card games, dart nights etc.
  • an outdoor shower and washrooms (at Marine House)
  • a cosy firepit for night chats, marshmallows and storytelling
  • an elegant gated entrance to the community with control keys and buzz system to owners’ homes
  • a shady gazebo and landscaped promenade to the beach
  • a gas fireplace in the Marine House and the gazebo
  • a rooftop viewing terrace on Marine House
  • High Speed Internet
Yes. At West Shore Beach Club you own your home and your entire lot. You also own a percentage of the common elements.
The entire site is part of the plan of condominium, of which you own your “Unit” (ie house and lot) individually. So common elements like roads, street lighting, parks etc are owned and managed by the condominium corporation.

The monthly fee is $193 a month. As in all common element situations, the fees can go up or down but, as a part owner in the condominium corporation, you can take part in the decisions that will raise or lower the fees. (ie switching maintenance companies, snow removal companies etc).

The monthly fee covers:

  • grass cutting including back yard trimming
  • snow removal from streets and private driveways and walkways up to your porch
  • maintenance of the entry gate
  • maintenance of the Marine House and dock
  • maintenance of landscaping for the boulevard and Marine House
  • road maintenance
  • beach maintenance
  • gazebo maintenance
    (Note: garbage collection will be municipal)
The estimated municipal taxes are 1.2 – 1.3 percent of the purchase price.
Personal craft can be stored in owner’s garage. There is no common storage.
Yes. These homes are not well and septic. It is a fully serviced community with town water, sewers and gas as well as cable, hydro and phone services.