Beachfront community homes are far more than a cottage. The memories you make at cottage have a time limit. Once the summer’s over, that’s it. You’ll have to wait until next year to experience the joys of you had the previous sunny season. With a premium West Shore Beach club home, there doesn’t need to be an expiration date.
These in-demand houses located a short drive from Toronto doesn’t only need to be brief getaways. Tranquility can be your new normal if you take advantage of one of these nearly sold out properties. Here are just five things that you’ll experience more of by moving to a beachfront community home.

1. Sleep

Restful nights are not hard to come by when you live right next to the water. Your new home is now the ultimate white noise machine. Why let the insanity of modern life run you down and keep you from truly resting when this community is right there for you to join?
Let the sounds of pristine Lake Couchiching lull you to bed every night. Each season should grant beauty sleep, not just the summer.

2. Relaxation

It’s scientifically proven that being out in nature for even a short amount of lowers people’s stress. When the outdoors is only a few feet away, being relaxed gets a whole lot easier.
Each of West Shore’s homes are built to stand up to Canada’s chaotic and unpredictable weather. Whether you’re taking a brisk walk outside or simply admiring the lakeside view with your morning cup of coffee, the only meditation you’ll need is waking up and realizing where you now live.

3. Peace and Quiet

The city gets louder and more hectic every year. The suburbs are calmer but still have an insanity all their own full of hockey practice, birthday parties, and afternoon wine for the moms. Screaming kids, barking dogs, and loud neighbors are everywhere. Well, almost everywhere.
Live where you can hear yourself think. Own one of West Shore’s gorgeous beachfront community homes and get the calm you deserve while getting rid of the anxiety of renting. This isn’t just a financial investment, it’s a personal one.

4. Family Photos

Make memories all year round. Christmas photos taken at and around your beachfront community home are going to be fondly remembered. Easter egg hunts near the water create a perfect backdrop for a day of fun. Try a spooky Halloween campout instead of a typical party. Just be sure not to watch Friday the 13th before bedtime.
A home like this where memories need to be made throughout the year. Stop worrying about renting and invest in a place from West Shore Beach Club instead. No regrets only captured moments.

West Shore Beach Club – Orillia, Severn, Lake Couchiching, Horseshoe, Ontario

Stop thinking about the cottage and beachfront properties as special treats. There’s nothing stopping you from being able to live a relaxing, nature-filled life 365 days of the year. Investing in a premium beachfront community home by West Shore gives you the freedom to live how you should, not how you should for a week or two each summer.
Consult with us at West Shore Beach Club when you start looking for your new home. We’ll be sure to provide you with the ideal waterfront living experience quickly and efficiently. See you soon!
• There are more reasons than vacations to move to a beachfront community home.
• Family gatherings and photos, daily relaxation, and restful sleep are just some reasons a premium property like this is such a great investment.
• Consider moving with West Shore Beach Club to an Ontario beach near you.