The global investment markets are constantly changing in the digital age, as a host of new assets and derivatives continue to diversify the space.

Despite this, there remain a number of more traditional investment options that continue to offer value in 2018, from dividend stocks and shares to real estate.

In terms of the latter, beachfront community homes have emerged as a particularly popular asset class in recent times. New-build properties are especially appealing, but what exactly are the main benefits of this investment?

1. Beachfront Community Homes Boast Exceptional Growth Potential In Terms of Value

Even on a fundamental level, new-build properties tend to offer exceptional value as they include all of the latest amenities and Eco-friendly features.

In the case of beachfront community homes, it’s also fair to say that these properties have tremendous growth potential for the future. This is particularly true when it comes to the value of these homes, with various studies suggesting that real estate in close proximity to the ocean can command a much higher price point in the marketplace.

This is true across a host of global cities and locations, with two of Sydney’s three most expensive suburbs situated right on the coastline.

With this in mind, there can be no doubt that beachfront community houses offer great value and tremendous flexibility for investors across the board.

2. Target the Rental Market

While you may ultimately intend to live in your beachfront community home when you retire, purchasing this type of property earlier in your life offers you an exceptional to profit from the rental market.

Quite simply, buying this type of home in a prominent coastal region can provide you with a regular source of income, while you may be surprised to note that this can be sustained all-year-round.

This is because of the access that these properties offer to residents, with a host of activities and local amenities available during both the summer and the winter months. This creates a strong level of demand and all times, which is crucial from the perspective of investors.

So, not only will you have access to your beachfront home whenever you like, but you can also leverage the location to generate rental income in instances when it is idle.

3. Boost your Retirement Finances

Not only do new beachfront community homes grow in value and offer significant rental income to owners, but they also provide a secure source of wealth in a challenging economy.

This source of wealth can be subsequently leveraged to boost your retirement finances, in more ways than one. You could consider your property as a de-facto pension plan, for example, as you look to sell this for a profit once you’ve finished work and use this to fund a number personal goals.

Conversely, you may be able to sell your family home and move into your beachfront community home permanently once you’ve retired. This may effectively see you downsize your property into an upgrade, while enabling you to pocket the cash from your house sale.

Either way, this can create the type of wealth that enables you to enjoy your retirement, while negating many of the financial issues that many encounter once they’ve finished work.

How to Invest in Beachfront Community Houses

If you’re in the market for this type of property, you should consider visiting the West Shore Beach Club website at your earliest convenience.

This resource offers access to a vibrant beachfront community on the picturesque Lake Couchiching, which is just 10 minutes north of Orillia and within close proximity to regions such as Ontario, Horseshoe and Severn.

With a host of competitively priced houses to choose from, you can invest in a viable piece of real estate that can provide considerable security and peace of mind as you grow older.

 Beachfront community houses represent extremely viable investment options in today’s market
 A viable source of both rental and long-term income, this type of real estate investment can deliver significant returns
 They can also provide a significant boost to your pension funds, whether you choose to move there in your retirement or sell your property