The Winter is a Perfect Time to Enjoy Beachfront Community Homes | Severn Ontario

Winter. The word conjures up vivid descriptions of snow banks, skiing, vacationing, and more. In truth, each person’s winter experience will be different. That being said, there are common experiences that can be had in communal settings, like beachfront communities. Beachfront communities provide the best of urban life and rural living.

Residents often escape to beachfront communities on the weekends, holidays, and during vacation time. It allows them to reflect on their experiences, as well as make new ones. However, most people believe that beachfront communities are only for spring and summer enjoyment. The truth is that beachfront communities can be enjoyed year-round, especially during the winter.

Anytime someone thinks of new beachfront community homes, they think of vacationing during the summer. And why not? The summer is a great time to enjoy a private parcel of beachfront land. Home owners can canoe on a private lake, or snowshoe through wintery trails, without a care in the world. However, the winter can be just as much fun when enjoying these beautiful new homes, even if the weather is a bit different.

West Shore Beach Club residents can snowshoe, hike trails, ice skate and play hockey, and even polar bear swim (if they are into that). After a fun day of activities, they can warm up next to a fire, have a winter cookout with neighbors, or even just read a book while the sun goes down. There is so much to do during the winter!

It all comes down to personal preference. Getting out into nature, even in a semi-solitary way, which residents will experience with these stunning beachfront community homes, is important. Nature is calming, can reset one’s work-life priorities, and can provide them with experiences that are missed while working in an office.

The joy of finally tapping a maple tree and collecting its syrup, finding rabbit tracks and following them to a den, or taking a brisk morning walk after a fresh snowfall; all these experiences and more can be had when living in these surroundings and climate.

The West Shore homes also have that special element that is missing from urban life: an appreciation for rural living. In beachfront communities, it is impossible to take ten steps without seeking a Muskoka chair, a wicker basket, or seeing the sun set, casting a red glow over the pine tree-covered horizon. There is much to rural living that is lost in translation when living in a big city.

New beachfront community homes provide residents with a solitary setting that can be fine-tuned for any resident. Life of the party? Hang out with other beachfront community home owners with meetups, parties, or even just walking around the community. Like to be alone surrounded by nature? Endless hours of enjoyment can come from exploring the natural hiking trails, flora, and fauna that populates Southern Ontario.

There is so much that can be done, and so much that can be seen, that living in a West Shore home can fit into anyone’s preferred lifestyle. Whether a resident wants to use their new beachfront community home as a weekend getaway, or spend his or her winter holidays by the lake with family and friends, there is something for everyone in our beachfront community.

Winter is a great time to experience living in our new a beachfront community homes. We are located in Severn, Ontario on Lake Couchiching just 10 minutes from Orillia. Prospective residents interested in purchasing a new home from our beautiful development please contact West Shore Beach Club online today and learn more about the benefits of beachfront community living.