New Year New Homes for Sale


All the holiday hoopla has come to a close and we venture into a New Year, a fresh calendar start, a chance for new beginnings and possibly even a change of residence upon the horizon. After spending time with family and friends over the past few weeks, there’s a possibility that among other things new homes for sale may be on your mind. Maybe you’ve realized you just don’t enjoy living within a congested city environment any longer. You long for more tranquil surroundings better in tune with nature. If retirement is upon you or just around the corner, it’s possible that you seek a change in scenery without having to be too far away from family and friends. There’s a possibility that your family is in agreement that a secondary residence or seasonal home would be benefit all. Change is upon us all beyond a simple flip of the calendar, and 2017 has the potential for us to lean more closely towards our dreams becoming a reality.

Short Drive to the Cottage

While the snow is falling upon the New Year, you may still be adjusting into a routine of back to work or resuming a family schedule with the children back to school after a lively holiday season. When all are snuggled cozy and warm in their beds at night and you have a quiet moment, there’s a chance you may find yourself dream surfing the internet for your ultimate living oasis. You may even be entertaining the idea of searching for new cottages for sale if you’re not in the market for a change of family residence. Wouldn’t it be convenient to enjoy the cottage experience without having to drive a handful of hours just to get there?!  While you’re sitting at your computer dreaming, venture over here to have a look at a lakeside community that not only offers you the pleasures of cottage life, but also provides you and your family with a comfortable winter chalet experience to enjoy and potentially celebrate the next holiday season together.

The Reality of Living Your Dream

Time flies when you’re having fun daydreaming of a beautiful beachfront to enjoy with family and friends. Can you imagine just walking out the front door of your home and mere steps to a sandy beach, splashing in fresh water, feasting your eyes on the magnificent sunset colours dancing upon a stunning lake!? Sounds like a wonderful dream, doesn’t it?! Well that dream becomes a living reality at West Shore Beach Club. You can awaken within a dream vacation everyday nestled in one of our beautifully designed layouts that provide comfortable contemporary living space that maximizes the pleasure of residential life within the energy of holiday life.

Perpetual Dream Vacation

Vacations are all well and good. Tropical beach destinations are quite enticing when you’re blanketed in the frosty air, day after day. The one thing about vacations though is that they come to an end, and once again you find yourself back to business as usual. The investment of a holiday is primarily psychological, although refreshing it fades upon your return and you may find yourself back in ‘wanting’ mode. Consider the longer term, more substantial return on investment, especially when it comes time for you to search for new houses for sale. In our lakeside community the vacation energy never ends. Your home becomes your paradise oasis and your neighbourhood morphs into your perpetual holiday destination. You have the ability to live your dreams every day along Lake Couchiching in harmony with nature and your desires to enjoy life more fully.

Your Dream Is Calling

The Muskoka Region of Severn, Ontario is calling out to you… maybe it’s your dream seeking to become your reality. It’s worth at least taking a look, possibly even experiencing it up close and personal. 2017 may see your entire life blossom into lakeside living that breathes new life into your day to day experience.

Being mere minutes from Orillia, residents of West Shore Beach Club appreciate the fact that everything they need, want and desire is but a short or reasonable drive away. They can indulge in a winter ski at Horseshoe Valley, devour Kawartha Dairy ice cream close to home, enjoy a festival in Collingwood, Gravenhurst or Wasaga, take in a great live show at Casino Rama, a boat ride in Muskoka with friends, the list goes on and on… and STILL make it to Toronto or even to terminal three in an hour to catch an international flight! Who could ask for more in a magnificent lakeside location!? Seasonal or all year round, you may be the fortunate one to call West Shore Beach Club home.