Visions of New Beachfront Community Homes

Maybe you’ve seen it and it’s dancing around in your head. You may have virtually taken a look or ventured to experience it in person yourself. On your quest for new beachfront community homes, not too far away from family and friends, you may have come across our beautifully designed neighbourhood along Lake Couchiching, mere minutes from Orillia. There’s a possibly you even wondered what it would feel like to celebrate the winter holidays with your loved ones together in a modern, comfortable well built home nestled in a quaint gated lakeside community. What a gift it would be to experience and share such comfort and joy. Although quite impossible to wrap or fit under a tree, you can still enjoy the dream of having a key in your hand for the coveted West Shore Beach Club. The New Year may just see your dream become a reality!

Enjoying with Family and Friends

As you relax into the holiday celebrations among family and friends, with festive cheer in hand, your mind may wander to fantasize a change of location. Same wonderful smiles on loved ones faces just relocated to a lakeside community where the outdoors can be enjoyed together as much as the indoor festivities are. Imagine a beautiful new home in a gated neighbourhood along a magnificent lake under breathtaking big starry skies that awaits you, your family and friends to share and create fond memories together. You can comfortably imagine your family together enjoying a wonderful meal that ignites the indoors with delicious aromas. Our home designs offer spacious layouts and gathering areas while still maintaining a cozy comfortable contemporary feel. With hot drinks in hand, you and your family can star gaze together after enjoying a little walk by the lake to work off a gastronomic masterpiece of a grand festive meal. Play in the snow, build a snowman and watch the sun set together. Skate upon the frozen lake, winter hike along the shoreline, see who in the family has the best aim with a snowball. Daydreaming about it all can paint quite a pleasant face that may entice someone to ask you what you’re thinking about… dare you tell them the possibility of a change of venue for next year?!

Investment Conversations

Many conversations will be shared as you gather to celebrate the holiday season. Discussions surrounding investments may even transpire and potentially lead to new ideas or opportunities of partnerships for joint ownership of a seasonal family property everyone can enjoy throughout the year. Perhaps you may find yourself talking about and researching beachfront community homes that may be a viably attractive option and sound investment. When found in the situation of seeking a change in residence, often we share our desires with close family members to gain an alternate or harmonizing perspective. Seasonal gatherings with family and friends can offer us much more than just wrapped presents, delicious treats and holiday cheer. Sometimes we engage in meaningful life changing conversations that lead us well into an empowering, prosperous New Year.

New in New Year

Sometimes we reflect on ourselves at this time of year, and we may gift ourselves an opportunity to see a new light, a new environment, a new feeling. If it happens to be that new beachfront community houses sparks a light in you, it would be most beneficial for you to consider searching an hour north of the big city to find your personal oasis. Worlds away, in your ‘happy place’, and yet just an hour drive to Terminal 3, new may suit you very well in our lakeside paradise. New friends will be made steps away at the beach, enjoying a sunset fire, a hot tub on a cool night, or whatever it may be, the possibilities are endless. It’s easy to imagine the experience of breathing in the fresh air as your eyes feast upon beautiful vistas, the bright stars and the lovely way the moonlight dances on the waters of Lake Couchiching. Being here can offer more than imagined.

Shapeshifting Feeling

In a modern flow like way your West Shore Beach Club house will feel as if it shapeshifts as you experience it, year after year. You can be right in the middle of something like a family dinner, walking in from a swim in the lake, tossing a load of laundry in the washing machine, etc., and all of a sudden you’re hit with an embraced feeling like you’re at a resort somewhere, or celebrating holidays at a chalet or even at the cottage singing with friends around a warm bonfire. Your beachside community house can be anything you feel it to be, including feeling right at home. It’s meant to be lived and it was built well to be enjoyed.

Gift Yourself the Experience

If you haven’t already done so, give yourself the gift of experiencing our beautiful lakeside community up close and personal. Start here and maybe next holiday season you and your loved ones will enjoy celebrating together in your wonderful new home in Severn, Ontario.

Being mere minutes from Orillia, residents of West Shore Beach Club appreciate the fact that everything they need, want and desire is but a short or reasonable drive away. They can indulge in a winter ski at Horseshoe Valley, devour Kawartha Dairy ice cream close to home, enjoy a festival in Collingwood, Gravenhurst or Wasaga, take in a great live show at Casino Rama, a boat ride in Muskoka with friends, the list goes on and on… and STILL make it to Toronto or even to terminal three in an hour to catch an international flight! Who could ask for more in a magnificent lakeside location!? Seasonal or all year round, you may be the fortunate one to call West Shore Beach Club home.