Return to Tradition with New Cottages for Sale near Orillia

Times have changed. Social practices and traditions have changed dramatically over the last century, even within the last ten years. Ten years ago, it was not common to be absorbed with your phone. Most of this change, however, has been for the better. Societies change and adapt all the time. However, many still long for the ways things used to be, especially when it comes to living in cottage country.

Some traditions live on forever due to the joy and contentment people have when doing them. Living a natural lifestyle is one of them. Many people all throughout Canada enjoy waking with the sun and going to sleep with the moon. They enjoy hiking on nature paths, running with their dogs on a pristine meadow or dirt road, or angling for fish in the nearest lake. They enjoy every minute of every day living in the country and would not trade their life for anyone else’s.

However, as strong as this urge may be, not everyone has the opportunity to live it because they live in the city. Now, West Shore Beach Club has made it much easier. If you live in the city but you long for a rural lifestyle with city amenities, consider purchasing from our new beachfront community featuring beautiful new cottages for sale near Orillia.

The Orillia Advantage

When you purchase a new cottage or home from our exclusive beach front community, you no longer have to dream of living a rural lifestyle to the fullest; you can actually live it. Every day can be the best one yet as you rediscover yourself and your connection to nature. Explore the natural beauty of the Muskoka Region as you adventure to all the famous landscapes, picturesque falls, and sights in the area, as well as those that are local secrets.

For the weekend warriors who spend their working hours in Toronto, Hamilton, or another industrial, urban center, yet long for a rural escape from the monotony of the concrete jungle, look no further than Muskoka. With new and amazing sights, signs, and sounds to see every day, nothing beats waking up with the smell of nature, the warm and inviting sun, and the cool waters of Lake Couchiching outside your window.

Enjoy your weekends, holidays, and vacations to the fullest in cottage country. You will need to act quickly though. Our new cottages for sale near Orillia are available for now, but they are selling fast with prices starting in the upper $300’s. If you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to reconnect with the Earth and enjoy a more traditional lifestyle, you will need to do so while you still can.

A traditional, natural lifestyle is still achievable, and is being lived by thousands upon thousands of cottage-goers and full-time residents in and around the Muskoka Region every day of the year. It is not too late for you to do the same. If you have always felt at peace in nature and you long to return to a more natural state of being, look no further than the pristine natural beauty of Ontario. Our new cottages for sale a stone’s throw from Orillia are available now for enthusiastic homeowners just like you, less than an hour from Toronto, adjacent to Lake Simcoe, and only minutes to Orillia.

If you want to live the rural, cottage country lifestyle today, look no further than West Shore Beach Club. With our new cottages for sale in Severn, Ontario, and a few minutes from Orillia, rest assured you can own the cottage of your dreams, and then fulfill those dreams each and every day. With natural attractions close by in the Kawarthas, Horseshoe, the Muskoka Region, Lake Couchiching, Wasaga, and Gravenhurst, the world is your limit. Stop imagining the perfect cottage country lifestyle and start living it today. For more information on available new cottages with prices starting in the upper $300’s, or to learn more about the Orillia Advantage, please visit us at our website.