You Shouldn’t Rent Forever, Severn Ontario Has Beautiful Homes for Sale

Many young adults in Toronto and other large Canadian cities and towns currently rent apartments and houses. However, they should consider purchasing homes for sale in the suburbs, especially in Severn, Ontario’s West Shore Beach Club. It is the province’s first private beach front residential community. There is no experience like living in a home on Lake Couchiching in the heart of the Muskoka Region.

Top Two Benefits for New Homeowners when Purchasing one of the Beautiful New Houses for Sale in Severn, Ontario

1. No Rental Surprises or Issues
When you own your own home, you own it. You no longer have to deal with a landlord who can surprise you with various issues throughout your tenancy. Purchasing a home for sale means you are in control of your environment. If you want to paint the walls a certain color, you are free to do so. The way you express yourself as a homeowner is left up to you. You will need to hurry though if you want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. The houses for sale at West Shore Beach Club will not be on the market for long.

Pets are another rental issue you will no longer have to deal with. Firstly, your pets will love the great outdoors, whether they choose to frolic on the various hiking paths near the West Shore Beach Club or enjoy swimming in Lake Couchiching and Lake Simcoe. Secondly, you and your pets can enjoy all the health benefits that living in cottage country has to offer without having to worry about whether your pets will be allowed to live with you. Unlike when you rent an apartment, owning your own home provides considerably more flexibility regarding pets.

2. More Space – Individualize Yourself
We are all unique and we all express that uniqueness in our own ways. Some of us like to exercise and spend all day at the gym. Others like to spend as much time in the outdoors and would not think of enjoying a play in the city when we can paddle a canoe across a lake, climb a mountain, or follow animal tracks. If you are like the latter, you should consider looking at the beautiful West Shore Beach Club houses for sale on Lake Couchiching. The natural beauty and opportunities the Muskoka woods offer are second to none!

In addition, with more floor space than an apartment, you can now individualize yourself indoors, as well as in the great outdoors. There are great farmers markets and crafts shows happening all over the Muskoka Region, where you can purchase everything from traditional North American art to newer cultural pieces that would look great in your home. If you practice a trade and want to decorate your home with your own pieces, you now have more room to do so. There is so much to explore and see in Muskoka and the surrounding areas that your travels will not only be incredibly interesting, but your mantle will be even more so.

West Shore Beach Club has houses for sale in Severn, Ontario. If you are interested in purchasing homes for sale near Wasaga, Muskoka, Lake Couchiching, Lake Simcoe, Toronto, Orillia, and the Horseshoe Valley, look no further. We are located adjacent to Lake Couchiching, minutes to Orillia, and less than an hour from Toronto, and have something to offer for every interested homeowner. For more information, please visit us at our website today.