Seven Reasons to Purchase a Beachfront Community Home in Muskoka Cottage Country

Beachfront community homes in cottage country are great for families or singles that commute to the city everyday, or retirees wanting to enjoy the natural world. Here are seven reasons why owning a beachfront home at the West Shore Beach Club is a great way to enjoy the present, while looking forward to the future.

The Views Are Amazing

When you live in a beachfront community home on Lake Couchiching in Muskoka, Ontario, the views are amazing regardless of the time of day or season.

Enjoy the beauty of Ontario cottage country every day of the year, whether you wake up with the sun for an early morning swim or relax on the beach as the sun sets on the horizon, it truly is a sight to behold.

Keep Tradition Alive with a Cottage Lifestyle

We live in a technologically advanced world. While technology is great, it can mean we miss the simpler pleasures in life. Instead of simply enjoying a sunset, we feel we need to take selfies and Instagram meals instead of focusing on the flavor or complexity of it.

When you live in a beachfront community home with a cottage lifestyle you can recapture the essence of living pre-technology and enjoying a traditional lifestyle. Sure, your Facebook friends may not always get to see all the fish you caught ice fishing on Lake Simcoe in the winter or your ski trip in the Horseshoe Valley, but you will be able to appreciate the moment more.

The Kids Will Love It

Kids are also huge fans of technology because it is the only world they know. Show them another world of wonder: the natural world. Most children in Toronto have not seen wildlife beyond the occasional deer that enters the city limits. Muskoka, Ontario, home to some of the most diverse ecosystems and ecology on Earth, is a great place to raise children and educate them about the world beyond the city limits.

Watch as they escape reality and play in woods and on trails older than our country. You may feel like a kid again too as you swim in Lake Couchiching, just minutes from your home. It sure beats commuting to the pool for a workout, does it not?

A Relaxing Retreat

If you work in Toronto, there is a likely chance you commute. With so many options available to live in the GTA, why not purchase a beautiful beachfront home in cottage country at the West Shore Beach Club? Spend your nights, weekends, and holidays in pristine luxury as nature intended, surrounded by the tranquility of unspoiled nature.

Enjoy Being Part of the Beachfront Community

The beachfront community at West Shore Beach Club is as unique as our residents. With homeowners and visitors from all over Ontario like Wasaga, Orillia, and Toronto, you will love interacting and meeting with other community members.

There is always something to do here and someone to do it with. Whether you like early morning group jogs or book club meetups, you will find other who shares your passions. We pride ourselves on our diverse community, all brought together by the natural beauty of Muskokan cottage country and their love for it.

Relish Your Retirement

Most retirees wish to continue working because it gives them purpose and they enjoy the action. Furthermore, if your budget is just under what the market in the big cities are offering by enjoying a simpler lifestyle in beautiful Muskoka cottage country, you will be able to save money and enjoy the natural wonders of our planet as you enter and experience your twilight years.

A Great Investment for the Future

Many people talk about the shrinking real estate market in big cities like Toronto but not many know of the treasures to be found in Muskoka. Lake and beachfront properties, due to the limited amount of lakes in Ontario, are also shrinking in availability.

They also have the added advantage of affordability and size, which many city residences do not. Instead of paying extravagant prices for a house, purchase one in Muskoka and turn it into a home.

West Shore Beach Club is the first private Ontario beachfront community, located on Lake Couchiching, minutes to Orillia and less than an hour from Toronto. Choose a detached home on the beachfront or shoreline, with a unique selection to match your housing needs and desires. For more information, you can contact us at 1 705 689 0001 or visit our website.