5 Reasons Everyone Loves Beachfront Community Homes

Beachfront community homes may not be the first housing plan most people have but it is an excellent choice. No other living arrangement can offer the perks a beachfront community home in a private, gated community can, especially when it’s less than an hour’s drive from Toronto. Affordable and location-convenient for even the longest city-commute, the West Shore Beach Club beachfront community homes are a great investment, a relaxing retreat and a great place to enjoy life as you spend time with the ones you love. Here are five benefits of owning a beachfront community home today.

They are Relatively More Affordable

Beach front community homes have long been a status symbol of North American splendor and luxury. WSBC has made them affordable for all. You and your family can enjoy upper class living at middle class prices, in our detached beach front houses for sale. Located on the shoreline and beachfront, we have many options for you to choose from, individualizing your Lake Couchiching experience to meet your unique desires.

A Great Investment for Your Future and Your Grandchildren

The hustle and bustle of the city is great but it is no match for the quiet serenity of cottage country. Raising your children and grandchildren in a big city, like Toronto, can become overwhelming with so many attractions and events going on that you miss living in the present. While city living has its merits, in the country, your grandchildren can have experiences they simply cannot find in the city. Only in Muskoka can you canoe across Lake Couchiching while watching the sun rise majestically over the horizon. By contrast, in the city it is even hard to see the stars clearly at night.

A Relaxing Retreat from the Big City

We all need a break and sometimes a KitKat is not enough. Parents are busy and children are studying hard at school throughout the week. With a detached beach front community home at West Shore Beach Club, you can make every weekend and holiday feel like a vacation, where all your worries melt away as you and the family enjoy quiet, moonlit Muskoka nights and eventful, lively days.

Re-Live Your Childhood All over Again

Childhood memories are some of the fondest we have, exploring, playing, and discovering without a care in the world. As we grew and developed new responsibilities, ultimately becoming adults and accepting even more, we stopped being as adventurous. If you are like most individuals living in Toronto you probably now live for the nine to five. Your weekends are the only time to stop and appreciate life, and where better than in a detached beachfront or shoreline home near Wasaga, Horseshoe, and Lake Simcoe? Bring the family along too and feel like a kid again.

A Great Place to Grow Old

You have retired and are now looking to enjoy all the hard work you have put in for over five or six decades. Many retirees decide they want to live in the downtown core in Toronto or in retirement communities, but you want something different. West Shore Beach Club offers beautiful and affordable homes for sale in our gated community. This is the first private beachfront community of its kind in Ontario. Enjoy your twilight years returning to a simpler time; fishing, taking long strolls on wooded trails or simply enjoying the sun rise and set every day with your loved ones. End each day by watching the clear, crisp constellations in a Muskoka chair on the beach with a cup of hot cocoa.

West Shore Beach Club is the first private beachfront community in Ontario. Our detached houses are perfect to relax, entertain family and friends, enjoy your youth, or revisit your fondest childhood memories, and grow old in the luxury and serenity of the Muskokan cottage country. We are located on Lake Couchiching, minutes to Orillia and less than an hour from Toronto. For more information, please visit us at our website or call 1 (705) 689-0001.