Everyone Can Enjoy a Beachfront Community Home

The cottage and country lifestyle, romanticized in literature by author Henry David Thoreau in Walden, and in films like The Great Outdoors is now an affordable reality for individuals and families from all walks of life. Whether you live in Toronto and commute, or stay year-round, a beachfront community home in cottage country is a great way to enjoy the best Canadian country living has to offer. Whether for summer vacation or year-round, everyone can enjoy the beachfront lifestyle provided by West Shore Beach Club on Lake Couchiching, located just a few minutes from Orillia. Return to the cottage lifestyle made famous by your grandparents and their grandparents and bask in the tranquil country living that so many desire, from Toronto to Wasaga to Hamilton. There truly is something for everyone in West Shore Beach Club’s diverse community.

Live the Outdoors Cottage Lifestyle

Some want more from beachfront living than sitting in a Muskoka chair, watching a roaring fire as the sun goes down over the horizon. There are so many activities for athletes, from hiking to angling, long-distance running to swimming, the list is endless. Kayak to the middle of the lake with friends and family, enjoy a bicycle ride along the beachfront boardwalk, or explore the many trails and parks in the surrounding area. There truly is something for everyone. Adjacent to Lake Simcoe, minutes from Orillia, West Shore Beach Club’s incredible location offers access to all these activities and more, located less than an hour from Toronto. For residents interested in skiing and snowboarding, Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario is a quick drive nearby. The winter season provides the unique opportunity to ice fish, skate on a natural lake, or cross-country ski and explore the landscape.

Retiring? Enjoy Quiet Country Living

Retirees and the elderly will also enjoy West Shore Beach Club’s beachfront community homes for those interested in the peace and serenity country living provides. City living has its merits but nothing beats waking up with the sunrise or watching the sun going down, taking twilight strolls through pristine woodland trails, or experiencing the unique and precious flora and fauna in Muskoka. West Shore Beach Club offers community homes all year-round, maintenance-free and connected to utilities, to ensure the residents are comfortable. End each day with a roaring campfire on the beach, looking up at the clear, crisp night sky and the magnificent stars and constellations from your beachfront porch. Muskoka is world-renowned for its natural beauty and vitality, and West Shore Beach Club on Lake Couchiching ensures you can experience all it has to offer, no matter what time of year.

Raise a Family in a Wholesome Beachfront Community

It is every parent’s dream for their children to succeed, and there is no better place than a wholesome community like West Shore Beach Club. Children can explore nature and learn about the Earth’s natural wonders, remain healthy and active, and have experiences they simply cannot have in the city. Whether enjoying astronomy watching the night sky, learning about local natural habitats and ecosystems first hand, or learning how to fish, Orillia provides something for every child to enjoy. West Shore Beach Club maintains their roads and utilities year-round, so children can attend school with their friends, enjoying city conveniences in a natural, country setting. Bring the family and experience the best Lake Couchiching has to offer!

West Shore Beach Club offers diverse attractions and opportunities for their diverse community. Whether living in a beachfront community home year-round or commuting for the summer or even a weekend from Toronto or Barrie, there is something for everyone to enjoy in beautiful, pristine Ontario. Beautiful Lake Couchiching, located close to Lake Simcoe, offers a simple, satisfying country lifestyle for West Shore Beach Club beachfront community home owners and residents.