Houses for Sale North of Toronto

Every family dreams of owning that perfect home on the lake, barbeque burning, the tempting smell of a juicy medium-rare steak, and the sound of relaxation. In a way, this is the dream, and for many, it can easily be a reality. Finding a suitable home by a lake has become even easier in recent years and it is something that most Canadians can achieve due to the abundance of beautiful sweet water lakes in the province of Ontario.. Most major developers offer houses for sale in beautiful lake regions. West Shore Beach Club’s new development is offering homes for sale on Lake Couchiching, located less than one hour from Toronto and only a few minutes away from Orillia.

When browsing homes for sale in a lake region, there are several things you should consider before making your purchase. Are you happy with where the house is located? Do you like the waterfront that it provides? Does your house face the lake or is it located close to it? Is the house built on solid ground or is it elevated? Is the house big enough to suit your needs? Is it comfortable to stay in during all seasons? All of these things are important and will be explained in detail.

Location Is Everything

If you are browsing houses for sale on the lake, it is safe to say that location is important. You will want to make sure that your house is located on the lake or in close proximity to it. The whole point of owning a house is to be able to enjoy your time on the lake in a way that is meaningful to you. Location plays an important part and can greatly influence your overall enjoyment of your home.

Building Topography

Lake houses are often built on elevated land and facing a lake. This doesn’t pose an issue if the house is well built, but it can be a problem if it wasn’t. Any lake homes for sale in your area should be inspected by a trusted professional. Check the engineering of the home, the foundation, and anything else that could cause issues long-term. If the house is structurally sound, you can progress towards satisfying your other requirements.

Love the Space

This rule applies to any house, but even more so to a lake house. When looking at houses for sale near a lake, make sure that you search for a house that is the proper size, has enough space for your family and guests, and has a layout that is pleasing to you. A lake house must be able to accommodate all of your guests when they visit, but remember, a bedroom at a lake house is only for sleeping. Do not try to purchase a home that has master bedrooms all throughout it. Your guests are going to wake up and quickly head down to the lake to enjoy the day, not spend their trip hiding in the bedroom.

Feel Like Home

There are many other things to pay attention to when browsing houses for sale on the lake. Most importantly, your lake house must feel like home and be a place you enjoy staying at. Everything else becomes less important if you don’t enjoy your stay. West Shore Beach Club offers a wide selection of homes for sale that are guaranteed to satisfy all of your needs and most importantly make you feel at home.

West Shore Beach Club is re-defining the cottage lifestyle. Their new lake houses offer a cottage experience mixed in with the comforts of living in a normal house. All of their houses for sale are located on Lake Couchiching, close to Lake Simcoe, and Wasaga Beach. Their houses are less than an hour away from Toronto, Ontario, and are only minutes to Orillia. There is no need to go all the way to Muskoka; instead, experience the beauty of a West Shore Beach Club house in the beautiful Horseshoe area.