The Advantages of Owning a Beachfront Community Home

Owning a beachfront community home in cottage country has its own distinct advantages. A waterfront property or one very close to the water is always more valuable than a similar or equal home located away from the water. Plus it provides you with easy access to a different type of lifestyle. When considering whether or not to purchase a beachfront community home, you should consider many of the advantages. West Shore Beach Club is developing a new community of beachfront community homes with a cottage lifestyle; a rare opportunity that provides inhabitants of Toronto and surrounding metropolis areas with easy access to a four season home with a cottage feel.

Live the Cottage Lifestyle

When summer arrives, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting by the lake with an iPod (or your favorite mobile device), cold beverage in hand, and fishing rod at the ready. Just be careful not to drop your device into the lake. The cottage lifestyle is a healthy one. It is stress free and founded on the principals of relaxation and having a good time. When you live the cottage lifestyle, you are being provided with an easy way to forget the troubles of city life and to live in a way that is peaceful for both your body and mind. Homes located in cottage country are readily available and more than ready to show you how fun the cottage lifestyle can be.

Take a Break from the City

Are you fed up of living in the city, but are too afraid to leave behind the modern conveniences it provides? West Shore Beach Club identified this problem and developed a solution to fix it. Instead of building remote cottages far away from civilization, they found a happy compromise. Their newest development provides interested individuals with access to homes with a cottage lifestyle that are on the lake, but still close to the city. While this may seem like a strange dichotomy, it works very well, and offers the best of both worlds.

Access to the Grid

The modern development by West Shore Beach Club offers beachfront community homes in in the middle of cottage country. However, a common disadvantage of living in a traditional cottage is the lack of access to the grid. Every house in their development is connected with electricity, water, sewage, and other utilities. If you need to make a trip to the store, their community is located only minutes from Orillia and less than an hour from Toronto. It is hard to find affordable beachfront community homes with a cottage lifestyle that aren’t located over three hours away in Muskoka.

Valuable Options

When searching for a new beachfront home, West Shore Beach Club has designed a community that is ripe with options. There is a house for everyone in their development and they are happy to accommodate you and help you find the perfect home for you or your family. Whether you want a home on the water or close by, the choice is yours, and all of your needs will be taken care of.

West Shore Beach Club has created a new method of obtaining the iconic cottage lifestyle in Ontario. They are offering beachfront community homes in cottage country for an affordable price. This new development is located on beautiful Lake Couchiching, near Lake Simcoe, and close to Wasaga Beach. Living in their community allows you to achieve the cottage lifestyle without travelling hours away from the city. In fact, the Lake Couchiching community is located only minutes from Orillia and less than one hour from Toronto. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact West Shore Beach Club through their website or register today for a tour .