Should I Take the Plunge and Buy a New Cottage?

The summer is in full swing and Canada Day has just passed. You sat at home on your couch as many of your coworkers packed up their SUVs and set off for their cottages. Scratching your head, you came up with a genius idea. It is time for you to take a look at cottages for sale. West Shore Beach Club is here to help. We have a wide selection of cottage home styles for sale that are capable of suiting all of your needs.

Questions To Ask

When looking at cottages that are for sale, it is important that you identify your financial strength. While a cottage may seem like a great idea, this is only true if you can afford it without creating financial stress on your household. What is your price point? The average cottage will cost you an average of $300,000. Prices vary depending on the overall size and features. However, if you are hunting for a cottage in Muskoka, the total can quickly exceed $1 million.

How will you pay for your cottage? Will you require a second mortgage or are you paying a large portion of it upfront through savings? Typically, banks will finance loans for mortgages differently and you may be required to pay higher interest rates. Banks will look more favorably on cottages that are accessible all year round and are winterized. Luckily, all of our cottages for sale are easily accessible by Highway 11 and are only 10 minutes north of Orillia. Cottages also rack up additional charges. On a $300,000 cottage, you can expect to pay $10,000+ a year in mortgage payments, an additional $5,000 per year in maintenance, utilities, insurance, and property taxes, and more in interest.

Keep in mind, our cottages for sale are part of a condo-style community. You will own your specific lot and cottage, but the general grounds are part of a larger community. Due to this, you should expect to pay condo fees totaling $184 per month. By paying your fees, you will be entitled to serve in meetings that can raise or lower your fees. The benefit of a new cottage is the rentability of it. Another easy way to derive value from your cottage is to consider renting it out throughout vacation season. A mortgage may cost you $10,000 per year, but you can quickly mitigate that cost if you rent your cottage out to guests. A few $1,000 long weekends later and you have covered your monthly payments with a little extra cash on the side. With websites like Craigslist and Kijiji readily available, finding a family to rent your cottage is easy. However, if you prefer a more professional touch, property managers are always available and work on percentage based structure.

Why Choose Us?

When you purchase one of our cottages that are for sale, you are acquiring a permanent home that is capable of serving as a high quality vacation home. All of our locations have added value as they are connected to municipal sewer and water services meaning no septic tanks and open year round.

Cottages are a great way for your family to escape the city grind and enjoy a memorable vacation. By staying in a familiar place on a beautiful lake, you will have the chance to enjoy fun summer activities without the expensive price tags associated with large family vacations. As for the long term benefits, your cottage will grow in value and provide you with a high return on investment.
The West Shore Beach Club has a large selection of cottages for sale. All of our units can be viewed on our website. Our units are located in cottage country, near Orillia, Ontario and are readily accessible from Toronto, Kawarthas, the Horseshoe, and Gravenhurst.